Reunion update

Dear Anteaters,

Thank you so much for your overwhelming response. We are slowly but surely filling up the attendance capacity.
We are so happy to have many people coming back with their groups. Some people are flying back to OC for this reunion. We also have some anteaters’ grown up children volunteering as helpers on the day. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support, which will keep the organizers going (like the energizer bunnies)!

We also have heard questions/comments so we would like to share our responses:
1) Is this is a party for former VSA people only?
It is organized by some former VSA members for anyone who cares about having a non-political & non-religious Vietnamese alumni reunion. The on-campus bonus is made possible with the support of the current UCI VSA.

2) Is this reunion restricted to the older class years only?
That is absolutely not true. Most of us graduated in the 80’s, so naturally we hope the folks from that decade would come back. But we love to have everyone, especially now that we have anteaters’ children who are attending UCI or graduated from UCI. It’s an excellent chance to fill in all the missing links.

3) This reunion is getting too big, it is not personal anymore!
The last reunion we held was in 1993. It took us 17 years to hold this one. if it took that long to organize an on-campus reunion, then we would like to share this wonderful occasion with as many anteaters as we could manage it. Most of you will come with your group, or will be sitting with the people of your year.  You will have your private cozy universe to reminisce and catch up with each other.

On a personal note, most of us love organizing this reunion because we miss UCI & our UCI friends. Some do it as a belated tribute to the UCI friends we lost to cancer & trauma this past decade–there were some regrets as to how come we did not keep in touch, or see each other more often… Whatever the reason may be, we are going to have a reunion and hope you would make the best of it.

Thank you and see y’all at UCI on June 6.

The Planning Team: Mary Rose Hoàng, Vincent Hoàng & Mên Lê, Châu Nguyễn, Hùng Nguyễn, Khiêm Nguyễn, Nguyệt Nguyễn, Thinh Nguyễn, Tanya Nguyễn, Cường & Mai-Đào Tạ, Hải Trần, Triệu Võ & Hưng Vũ