Vietnam Echoes

Tuesday 02-21-2023

“Please come by if you have time. VAAC is co-hosting and sponsoring the reception at this event. Humanities Gateways building. 3pm, 2/21.” Linh Kochan


Dinner with Anteaters 02-18-2023

“I really enjoy the students.. the program 6:30-8:30 .. had a student from last time came early at 6pm and most stayed close to 10pm. One student was homesick and she felt comfy like home❣️ Mission accomplished!!💙💛💙💛” from the host Lethuy Nguyen

UCI Homecoming 02-11-2023

Join us at UCI Homecoming 2023 today–02/11/2023! Come by to learn more about our cultural activities, mentorship and scholarship programs! Enjoy assorted coconut candies, homemade Vietnamese preserved candies, Vietnamese coffee and other goodies! Take pictures with our beautiful silk lanterns from Hoi An, Vietnam! Viet Zot Zot! 💛💙✌️🤘🤘💙💛

“It was a lot of fun! So many people came and stayed until the closing time at 6. Aileen brought a giant monitor and showcased pictures of our activities she took. C Linh brought lanterns and coconut candies. I didn’t want to drive to pick up bánh cam from the place I haven’t tried so I brought homemade sourdough bread with 2 sauces, spicy lemon peels mứt can coffee. I was a bit worry but Wow people loved them all and came looking for the treats even till the last minutes. Lots of people signed up. We ran out of 4 sheets they they gave us and had to used the backside. People love the slide show, lanterns and coconut candies. Jenny and her family came by a few times but we were so busy and didn’t get to chat much! It was a great event!” From Van Hoang.