Dinner with Anteaters 05-20-2023

Dinner with Anteaters 05/2023 hosted by Dr. Le-Thuy Nguyen

Another wonderful group.. 1 student is a bio major minor in piano.. she played a piece for us to enjoy

Fwd from a international student Hi Dr. Tanya, Just want to say thank you so much for hosting the dinner! It's one of the warmest moments i ever have in the past 2 years spent in US😭, and I’m looking forward to join any future events with you😝

Hmmmm.. 1 mentor made few students teary eyes 🤫🫢🤭😆 they all so appreciative for the few hours sitting together share about school, family, and lastly their mental being💝❤️💝

Btw forgot how much they can really eat.. food was all gone!!

Thank you everyone.