2015 UCI Reunion Luncheon Roster

Sunday August 16, 2015                                                                                             

Doheny Beach abcd Room/UCI Student Center  Irvine, CA 92697                                      UCI Student Center parking structure at the intersection of Pereira and West Peltason

Name / Class of OR last year at UCI

Cuong Ta 1979
Quynh Kieu 1979
Nam Dinh 1980
Vinh Kim Le 1980
Minh-Ngoc Bryant 1980
Susan Huong Le 1981
Kevin Trung Dinh 1981
Chi Duong 1982
Paul Tran 1982
Cathy Lam 1983
Lan Anh Truong 1983
Nhung Nancy Dang 1983
Nga Duong 1983
Lan Vu 1983
Thuy-Hien Nguyen 1983
Tram Ngoc Phan 1983
Can Nguyen 1983
Tuan Nguyen 1983
Oanh Tran 1984
Linh Phan 1984
Yen Duong 1984
Thu-Thuy Vo 1984
Giao Vu 1984
Thuy-Ha Nguyen 1984
Ha Weiskirch 1985
Lien Do 1985
Alex Truong 1985
Anita Xuan Trang Pham 1985
Hien-Hoa Nguyen 1985
Thien-Huong Hoang 1985
Mai-Dao Ta 1985
My-Khanh Bui 1985
Minh-Nguyet Nguyen 1985
Thuy-Trang Nguyen 1985
Liem X. Dang 1985
Dung Nguyen 1985
Thai-Van Nguyen 1986
Quynh Dang 1986
Jeanette Huong Nguyen 1986
Hieu Tran 1986
Tuan La 1986
Hung Nguyen 1986
Naomi Nguyet Nguyen 1986
Danh Kuennemann 1987
Ann Tran 1987
Tu La 1987
My-Nga Le 1987
Tan Le 1988
Trung Doan 1988
Lien Nguyen 1988
Charlie Cuong Nguyen 1988
Man Vo 1988
Mary DinhLuu 1988
Vinh Dang 1989
Tam Nguyen 1989
Anton Lam Vu 1989
Khanh-Trang Le 1989
Van-Khanh Le 1989
Khoi Dao 1990
Caryn Nguyen 1990
Jaclynn Do 1990
Linh Kochan 1991
Minh Trinh 1991
Mong-Lan Ho 1991
Tuan Ho 1991
Duc Au 1991
Duc Nguyen 1991
Dennis Nguyen 1993
Ocean Trinh 1993
Dean B. Ngo 1994
Tram Vu 1996
Bryan Le 1998
Chau Nguyen 1984-85
Kim-Thu Tang 1988/1992
Hung Vu 1991-92
Dat Tran 1992/2001

Roman Kochan
Trinh Vu
Cecile Truong
Bac Dinh
Oanh Do
Trina Le
Hanh-Lan Trinh
Bao Hoang
Thong Bui
Quyen Pham
Vicky Vu
Ben Nguyen
Tiffany L. Dang
Thao-My Ho
Chrystene Nguyen
Cuong Nguyen

Diane Huynh – 2015-2016 President
Carol Nguyen – 2015-2016 Internal Vice President
Cherie Ho – 2015-2016 Internal Vice President
Justin Dang – 2015-2016 Intercollegiate Council Representative
Stephanie Ngo – 2015-2016 Secretary
Martin Pham – 2015-2016 Activities Coordinator
Anthony Vu – 2014-2015 President
Jennifer Le – 2014-2015 Secretary
Rachelle Trinh – 2014-2015 Community Outreach Chair
Jessie Vu – 2014-2015 Sponsorship Chair
Kevin Zhu – 2014-2016 Modern Dance Head Captain
Vannida Nguyen – 2015-2016 Culture Night Producer
Kelvin Man – General Member
Jenny Huynh – 2014-2015 Family Head
Bao Pham – Photographer

UCI VNA Flashes from the Past by Mary Rose Hoang

2015 UCI Vietnamese Alumni Reunion Luncheon


2015 uci alumni reunion luncheon

dear anteaters and friends,
you and yours are cordially invited to the 2015 uci vietnamese alumni reunion luncheon.

all class years are welcome.  please spread the words to your uci friends.

in collaboration with the current uci vsa, this reunion luncheon is confirmed for:
sunday august 16, 2015 12pm-3pm

doheny beach abcd room, uci student center

$50 / person

after subtracting all expenses and token maintenance reserve, any left over fund will be donated to the current uci vsa.

to help out the organizers, please rsvp asap and pay in advance by August 8, 2015

when rsvping, include your class year if applicable:  chauci@gmail.com

make check out to:  mai-dao ta

and mail it to:  chau nguyen
15627 brookhurst street

westminster, ca 92683

thank you and looking forward to seeing most of you soon.
zottingly yours,


Regret to inform

We lost another distinguished anteater today.
Please rest in peace anh Truc Quang Vu 1959-2015.
Our heartfelt condolences and prayers to your family during this time.



2015 UCI Vietnamese Alumni Reunion Luncheon

Dear Anteaters,

Please save the date Sunday August 16, 2015 for our reunion luncheon.

We are working on the details.  Please stay tuned.

Thank you.

chau on behalf of the organizing team

UCI VSA’s 36th Annual Vietnamese Cultural Night

VCN 2015 Poster

Survey on the Date for 2015 UCI Vietnamese Alumni Reunion


Vietnamese American Oral History Project at UC Irvine